Our mission

W elcome to you who love challenge and performance.

RAGE N'FURY , these are quality clothes of course, but it is above all a state of mind: we are above all aimed at a community of women and men who do not give each other gifts on a daily basis.

We set goals and do everything we can to achieve them. If you're OK with that, you're at home here. If that seems too radical to you, we're sure you'll find another brand to dress you up. It's important for you to know where you are coming from and who you might buy your future Cross training clothes from.

Because at RAGE N'FURY , we have a mission: to equip and inspire you.

Why are we doing this?

We all have a purpose in life. You, if you kill yourself at the Box at dawn or when leaving the office, it's...

  • To be more attractive?
  • Feel better about yourself?
  • Because you need extreme sensations?

On our side, we brought R AGE N'FURY to life for a very specific purpose. Addicted to C****Fit and performance, we found the market for clothing dedicated to the discipline rather average. Not very accessible to practitioners and of a quality which, in our opinion, did not equal the requirement of the athletes. We said to ourselves that we really had to do something and provide the community with outfits that reflect our codes and our state of mind.

RAGE N'FURY therefore began to germinate in our heads.

Who is the R AGE N'FURY team?

This team is above all a pair. Two co-founders: Mathieu and Raphaël. It's always better to put names and faces to a brand, so here we are:

The creation of RAGE N'FURY is intimately linked to our two backgrounds. Basically, we were both leading careers that we didn't like at all. In a company in which we did not flourish. The framework was too classic, boring and governed by dozens of rules that we wanted to break free from.

This freedom to be ourselves, wilder and freer, we have always found it at the Box . But we didn't want any more. Much more.

And then, R AGE N'FURY was born

In 2021, we say STOP. We also tell ourselves that we want even more C****Fit In our lifes. More excitement. Without hesitation, we jumped into the void and created our own clothing brand dedicated to the discipline: R AGE N'FURY .

By doing this, we are clearly putting ourselves in danger. But we love that thrill: we live for that, right? This adrenaline rush that runs through the body of every entrepreneur is also the one that runs through every woman and every man before a very nervous WOD.

And more than anything, we want to get even closer to the community.

R AGE N'FURY , what is this name?

You may be wondering how the name RAGE N'FURY came to us? In fact, the answer is in the question: he really came to us.

Rage is the one we felt at work and which allowed us to throw everything away to live from our passion. Scream a good shot and jump into the void!

The Fury is what we experience at the Box during each WOD to reach the end of each p***** of exercise.

So: R AGE N'FURY we are, RAGE N'FURY we will be.

We don't see ourselves as heroes of course. But wouldn't a workout also be a fight against yourself so as not to give up and go to the limit of your abilities? This physical and psychological overcoming is the very essence of R AGE N'FURY . Values ​​that we will always advocate. So that each short, t-shirt, bra, jogging or leggings stamped R AGE N'FURY is more than a piece of fabric, but a symbol of physical performance and liberation of the mind!

A departure and promises

2022 we are starting. With the same thrill as before leaving for a MURPH: a mixture of apprehension, determination and fury in the eyes. And on the occasion of this great departure, we want to make you 2 promises.

The first one.
It's never to betray our values: rage, fury. The performance. Physical and mental liberation.

The second.
Challenge yourself with each new collection, as you challenge yourself from one rep to another.

Just like you, we want to do better every time. So we promise you this: ever more inspiring clothes, cool, assertive designs and outfits that help you perform.

Count on us.

R AGE N'FURY in 10 years

In a professional interview, when a recruiter asks the famous question “ where do you see yourself in 10 years? ”, there are generally 2 teams:
  • The one who stutters and has absolutely no idea.
  • The one who already has her plan all mapped out in her head and who won't let anything get in her way.

Guess where we are...

In 10 years, we want to have released at least as many collections for you.

In 10 years, it is out of the question that RAGE N'FURY will be an outsider C****Fit brand. We aim for the European top or we aim for nothing.

In 10 years, and even well before, we want the brand to be present at all the big events.

In 10 years, we want everyone to see R AGE N'FURY as we see it: the symbol of determination, physical performance and liberation.

In 10 years, we want to continue to challenge you and for YOU to challenge us.

In 10 years, we want even more Rage and more Fury.